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Learn Portuguese Online

Portuguese is not one of the more common languages you see taught on courses at colleges or even in schools. Although it is widely spoken it is perhaps not quite as popular as Spanish or French. But there are a lot of learning tools out there for those wishing to learn this romantic language and one of the easiest options is to learn Portuguese online. Online courses can vary in length, depth and of course cost. Many online courses offer a free introduction and you are under […]

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Why Learn Portuguese?

Portuguese is a beautiful language that is spoken in ten different countries worldwide. It is the fastest growing language in Europe after English and was brought over to Brazil from Portugal. The Brazilian dialect differs from that of Portugal as it has been affected by several other languages and unlike the Portuguese from Portugal its grammatical structure is much less complex. Given that Portuguese is spoken across four continents it is therefore a great language to learn if you are keen to travel and learn more about […]

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